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What's so special about my work?
through studying in the capital city of new york and the heart of seoul, south korea, i've gained knowledge from both local and international perspectives. i treat every project as a chance to learn and capture meaningful moments.


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About Justine

I've been a writer since I can remember English being my favorite subject. Whether it was writing in my journal or making my grand author's debut in my high school's newspaper, writing lead me to finding meaning in every aspect of life.

Now at 22, I'm a senior at University at Albany pursing a Bachelors in Journalism, and I'm able to put my longtime passion to work. Although writing has always come naturally to me, learning news writing presented a special set of challenges. From working through my social anxiety to learning how to write concisely, my time in the journalism program has been enriching for my personal life and career.

Outside of my passion for writing, my time at UAlbany has taught me the value of having multiple tricks up my sleeves. Through my love of Korean music and culture I have taken Korean language courses up until the intermediate level. I had the extraordinary opportunity to put my knowledge to the test when I studied abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea for one semester. Additionally, through internships, classes and personal endeavors such as my YouTube channel, I've flexed my skills for creative outlets such as video production & editing, photography, and web design.


As seen working with

justineshaffer.com | +1 845-707-1393 | photo credit: Florian Klauer on Unsplash

My work with EnVi Media Co. started as an invitation to write for EnVi's summer '20 magazine from our deputy editor, Davonna. Although plans for that initial piece comically fell through, I ended up onboarding for the longterm. I began growing my skillset alongside extremely talented individuals, contributing to various pieces ranging from K-Pop to up and coming western artists. One year later I am proud to be a podcast host for EnVi Podcast and contributing writer.


justineshaffer.com | +1 845-707-1393 | photo credit: Florian Klauer on Unsplash

My writing.


Recent Work


Lee Taeyong of NCT finally debuted his long awaited Instagram on February 18th during a V Live livestream, sending NCTzens and fellow K-Pop stans into a following frenzy.

At 9:07 p.m. KST, Taeyong held his iPhone to the camera, revealing his newly created Instagram handle to eager NCTzens. The handle, @ehovonct, is a creative wordplay on the Korean spelling of his name using English letters. By 10:58 p.m. KST the young rapper had already reached 1 million followers on the platform.
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On March 10, 2021 WayV released their well anticipated music video for their newest single “Kick Back,” and dished us a plethora of high fashion looks. WayV is well known for their grunge-inspired concepts and outfits from music videos such as “Moonwalk” and “Turn Back Time,” but “Kick Back” brought fans a fresh, new elegant twist to their usual threads.

Their patterned, candy colored sets, featuring garments from Casablanca’s Spring 2020 menswear line was a definite stand out. WayV’s stylists paired the posh outfits with high-top Converse, giving the looks a youthful, casual feel. Pop of gold statement chains and rings complemented the Rococo influences of the patterns. The collection’s pretty prints were designed to be styled very coolly, and “provoke immense swagger,” which WayV effortlessly embodied.
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Beaches of Busan 🌊

When thinking about vacationing in Korea, Busan comes to mind as a city known for its waterfront wonders and miles of picturesque beaches. From popular sunbathing spots such as Haeundae Beach to quieter, more family oriented sand banks, let’s take a trip along Busan’s coastline and explore what these famous beaches have to offer.
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Exploring Fan Culture in Korea: Fansite Events

On February 23rd, Café WADIZ in Hapjeong, Seoul garnered a large crowd within the small confines of its one-story building. Though, customers weren't there specifically for the ₩5,000 coffee and well decorated desserts. Patrons of the café were marveling at 11 framed photos of none other than NCT's Lee Taeyong, hung on the brick walls of the establishment for all eyes and camera lenses to see.
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SEVENTEEN, K-Pop's 'HIT'-Makers (Promoted Article)

“HIT” proves to stand out from SEVENTEEN’s usual style and flow, and for all the right reasons.

Since debuting in 2015, idol group SEVENTEEN has released summer hits that show different sides to their music, and this year is no exception. On August 5, 2019, the group premiered a new digital single to lead into a new era and the upcoming start to their Ode to You world tour.
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Students Plan Fun Events for Fall Semester

The Programming Board will be bringing back traditional events and incorporating some new events at the University at Albany this fall semester.
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Why should i stay in touch?

What is knowledge and skill with no one to share it with? I value the people in my life greatly, so I've learned to create a stable work life balance so I can always be there for those who need me both professionally and in my personal life. So feel free to reach out! I love making new connections based on common interests or goals, I think my insight can be of great help to anyone who seeks a fellow open mind.

Plus, I have no shortage of great food and cafe recommendations, in New York and Seoul.

Best Restaurants In Seoul, South Korea

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Let's talk ethics and K-Pop over coffee.

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2018 Photo Documentary: SIGNAL DANCE CREW

Synopsis: SIGNAL DANCE CREW is a K-Pop oriented dance team at the University of Albany. SIGNAL began in September 2018, through many ups and downs they are now a group composed of five members. In this mini-documentary, the members share with us the journey to their first ever public performance, Asian Occasion 2018- with only two weeks to prepare a 6 minuet stage. Accompanied by interviews and photos by Justine H. Shaffer, we watch SIGNAL's hard work and friendship unfold.

carrd.co tutorial

Synopsis: A tutorial catered towards young Twitter users on how to set up their own personal listography through Carrd.co. Because of my contributions, the creator of Carrd.co reached out to me in February 2019, personally thanking me for creating the tutorials.

All About SUPERM (Project Video for AJRL 490)

Synopsis: The 2019 debut of American-based K-Pop group SUPERM made waves across entertainment media in both Korea and the states. In this short news-media style clip, we hear from a SUPERM Showcase attendee and a member of KCF of Albany/Rensselaer about what SUPERM's debut means to them.

first week in seoul vlog 🌇

Synopsis: A vlog compiling my first week on study abroad in Seoul, South Korea.



Below is my graphics resume along with notes about the purpose of each assignment, the date created, and which medium was used. Please note that not all graphics have been uploaded yet as I am still in the process of retrieving projects from my old hard drive.

April 18, 2020
302 Advanced Korean Language
Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Created to shed light on the serivce essentiall workers provide for us during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Text Translation:
Speech bubble: Ah, I'm bored...
Main text: It is possible because of your sacrifice.

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